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Talk: American Association of Geographers Preview- Student Talks

Four Geography graduate students will present a preview of the talks they will give at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) meeting in New Orleans April 10-14, 2018: Sarah Tynen: State Territorialization through Bureaucratic Control: Authoritarian Governance at the Neighborhood Level in China   Aaron Malone: Diaspora Bureaucracy? Formalizing emigrant engagement and the evolution of Mexico’s 3×1 Program […]

Talk: Center for Asian Studies Luncheon Series, CU Boulder

Built Environment Transformations in Rural India 2017.10.05   In this talk, I look at traditional knowledge and practices of building dwellings in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. How has this knowledge been deployed over the centuries? How is this knowledge carried forward through the generations? These are some of the questions that I am […]

Talk: oikos Asia Meet 2016- One World Conference

Will be speaking at the oikos Asia Meet 2016: One World Conference on ‘Sustainable Architecture and Rural Communities in India’ Date: 15 April 2016 Place: Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu  

Talk: RV College of Architecture Exhibition 2016- Embracing Your Roots

Will be speaking at the RV College of Architecture Exhibition 2016 on ‘The Cultural and Social Traditions of Building in Rural India‘. This will be followed by an interactive session on ‘Exploring the Connections Between Architecture and Geography‘. Date: April 2, 2016 Lecture Time: 10.00 am Interactive Session Time: 2.00 pm Address:   RV College of Architecture […]

Talk: Kamla Raheja Memorial Lecture Series 2015 – Exploring Practices

Speaking at the Kamla Raheja Memorial Lecture Series 2015 on ‘The Practice of a Travelling Architect‘. Date: Dec 23 2015 Time: 10.00 am Address: KRVIA, Vidyanidhi Bhavan 2, Vidyanidhi Marg, Off 10Th Road, Jvpd Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai, India    


I will be speaking at a public lecture hosted by Edible Garden City and Open Farm Community in Singapore on August 12, 2015. The public lecture is titled “Mud Architecture in the Contemporary World: Lessons from Rural India.”      

Conference: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee

I had the opportunity to present my work at the “National Conference on Sustainable Built Environment 2015” at IIT Roorkee on April 10, 2015. Find below my abstract and some images from the presentation.

TALK: Kokum Design Centre, Goa

I will be giving a public lecture at the Kokum Design Center, Goa on March 23, 2015 at 6.30 pm. The lecture is titled “It’s not about the mud: The travails of a travelling architect.”

TALK: Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI)/ School of Environment and Architecture (SEA), Mumbai

I will be speaking at a public lecture which is co-hosted by the Urban Design and Research Institute (UDRI) and School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai on February 6, 2015 at 6.30 pm. The lecture is titled “The Story of Mud.”

TALK: Engaging Architecture in India Series, Mumbai

I will be speaking at the Engaging Architecture in India Series on Transitional Rurality: Lessons from the Indian Hinterland. It is an international conference of architectural practitioners, educationists, entrepreneurs, and stake holders and will be hosted by IES College of Architecture, Mumbai on January 16-17, 2015.