Below is a selected list of readings that informed my thinking about the connections between infrastructure materiality, embodied labor of social reproduction, and social difference. These readings form a key part of my journal article – “Class, Caste, Gender, and the Materiality of Cement Houses in India” – published in Antipode (2023, 55 (2)). Truelove, […]

As the FIFA Men’s World Cup Qatar 2022 draws to a close, here are some commentaries and multimedia that highlight the globalizing spread of the world’s most popular sport – football (soccer) – from the perspective of fans and nation-states from the Global South, especially from Kerala and India. This post has been inspired by […]

Below is a list of teaching resources that I drew up as a supplement to my forthcoming (2023, 55(2)) Antipode article, “Class, Caste, Gender, and the Materiality of Cement Houses in India“. It’s part of new initiative started by, called The Critical Classroom, that aims “to create a commons resource of radical geography teaching […]

Out now in Antipode journal. My peer-reviewed article (below) on the intersectional class, caste, and gender dynamics of new cement houses in India. It’s open access and can be viewed here. Menon, S. (2023). Class, Caste, Gender, and the Materiality of Cement Houses in India.¬†Antipode, 55 (2) 10.1111/anti.12898 Abstract Recently, large parts of India and […]

I was invited to speak at TEDx NIT-Calicut on April 30, 2022. Many thanks to the organizing team, led by Varghese George and Vardhah Moidu, and the students of NIT-Calicut for a well organized and engaging event. Details about the event and speakers can be found below;