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Below is a selected list of readings that informed my thinking about the connections between infrastructure materiality, embodied labor, and social difference. These readings form a key part of my journal article – “Class, Caste, Gender, and the Materiality of Cement Houses in India” – published in Antipode (2023, 55 (2)). Truelove, Y. (2011). (Re-)Conceptualizing […]


Below are sections of my reading list that I compiled for my preliminary/qualifying exams in Human Geography at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am indebted to many professors and colleagues in graduate seminars and conferences who directed me to these excellent sources. This is not meant to be an exhaustive or definitive list. I have selected […]


I’m happy to announce that I am one of 9 recipients of the 2020 IJURR Foundation Studentship for my proposed doctoral dissertation research, titled “(De)Constructing Concrete: Capital, Nature, and Infrastructure in Urbanizing India.” More details can be found at here and here. (De)Constructing Concrete: Capital, Nature, and Infrastructure in Urbanizing IndiaIn August 2018, the coastal south […]

Public: Urban Blueprint-Go Local

This essay was published in Myliveablecity, October 2015 edition (www.myliveablecity.com). Can be viewed here. In poor countries of the ‘developing’ world, the issue of affordable housing has been a bone of contention between the different stake-holders involved. Resources are scarce, economic and social conditions dire, and populations burgeoning. All these forces create a potent mix […]