Fieldwork: Chasing Fish-The Bicycle Journey of a Travelling Architect

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I will be cycling from Mumbai along the western coast of mainland India. The idea is to keep as little distance as possible between myself and the sea by taking internal village roads instead of national and state highways.


On the Eve..


  1. Explore the stunning western coast of India through its rural ways of life and culture.
  2. Document some of the wealth and diversity in indigenous ways of building along the way.
  3. Capture some of the rapid change in this indigenous knowledge of building and possible reasons for the same.


Phase 1: Mumbai to Goa

Phase 2: Goa to Mangalore

Phase 3: *To be decided


Phase 1 from Mumbai to Goa


After many false starts and delays (friends and family can vouch for this), I will finally begin the journey on February 18 2016 by taking the ferry across Bombay harbour from Ferry Wharf to Rewas. The plan is to cover 50-75 km a day and reach Goa in 7-9 days.


This journey will be covered using the following things:

Schwinn Searcher Bicycle (2012 model)

Rear Bicycle Rack

Rear Bicycle Panniers


Cable Lock

Front light

Rear Tail light

Puncture kit and Spare tube

Hand pump (Courtesy Shanjali Shahi)

2L Hydration Bag(Courtesy Kaustubh Khade

Climbing rope (Courtesy Narayan Rangarajan)



Mosquito Repellant


Sleeping Bag (Courtesy Narayan Rangarajan)

First Aid Kit


Dry fruits


1 pair cycling shorts

1 pair t shirts

1 pair shorts

Toiletries and inner wear

Point-shoot Camera

Note book

Book for the road: Eduardo Galeano-Open Veins of Latin America

Wind Cheater

Multi tool

Earphones and music


  1. Jeevs · · Reply

    Got to know about your adventure from my friend Pandey(Hitanshu Pandey). I wish you all the very best. I’m sure this is going to be a life changing event for you.

    I’ve done over a dozen century(100 miles/ 161kms) trips and this is what I’d recommend
    * Clean the chains and the socket, remove the grease. When you do longer trips on off-road/ terrain, the grease will add up the dust to create a dirt mass- which is counter productive.

    * Reduce the weight. Longer the trip, heavier the backpack will get.
    * For electrolytes refill, get the powdered one.
    * Always have at least 2 spare tubes, one CO2 filler. Fixing the tube might not work all the time.
    * Chamois cream: (after 60 miles, your legs will be completely fine, but your butt will be on fire.
    * Something like Bengay(pain balm) for back ache.


  2. you should try following the monsoon !


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