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Below is a list of teaching resources that I drew up as a supplement to my forthcoming (2023, 55(2)) Antipode article, “Class, Caste, Gender, and the Materiality of Cement Houses in India“. It’s part of new initiative started by, called The Critical Classroom, that aims “to create a commons resource of radical geography teaching […]

Teaching: Critical Architectural Practice (South Asia)

4th April 2015 Continuing with our series on Indigenous Architecture, we now look at architectural practices in India that are doing some very interesting work within these parameters in the Indian context. This is a personal list of people that have inspired me over the past 5 years. There are architects, engineers, artists, social reformers […]

Teaching: Critical Architectural Practice (Other Regions)

April 25th 2015 As part of our series on the studies of indigenous architecture and its contemporary applications around the world, we look at a list architects working in this field. A lot of times, the study of the various facets of indigenous architecture tends to remain just that- a study. It remains confined and […]

Teaching: References on Critical Architectural Practice

27th June 2015 Continuing from where we left off last time, I have compiled list of books and reading material one can refer to get a better understanding of the finer aspects of indigenous architecture. The books on this list are listed in no particular order and are meant to orient and introduce the student […]