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I was happy to serve as one of the reviewers for the Open Access e-journal Roadsides‘ Spring 2023 Issue, titled Gendering Infrastructure. Many thanks to Sneha Annavarapu and Yaffa Truelove for the invitation. To read the full Issue, please visit https://roadsides.net/collection-no-009/.


Below is a selected list of readings that informed my thinking about the connections between infrastructure materiality, embodied labor, and social difference. These readings form a key part of my journal article – “Class, Caste, Gender, and the Materiality of Cement Houses in India” – published in Antipode (2023, 55 (2)). Truelove, Y. (2011). (Re-)Conceptualizing […]


Below is a list of teaching resources that I drew up as a supplement to my forthcoming (2023, 55(2)) Antipode article, “Class, Caste, Gender, and the Materiality of Cement Houses in India“. It’s part of new initiative started by antipodeonline.org, called The Critical Classroom, that aims “to create a commons resource of radical geography teaching […]


Below is a collection of essays and articles written by social science and humanities scholars about one of the most widely found materials on earth: cement/concrete. This list has been compiled with the assistance of countless colleagues and peers at conferences and workshops over the last few years. I hope it will be useful for […]


I will be speaking at the History of Science Brown Bag Lecture Series at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many thanks to Prof. Pablo Gomez for the invitation. The talk is titled “Gendering Cement, Cementing Gender: The Puccafication of Subjectivities in Urbanizing India.” Please find a working abstract below. Houses in the Kangra valley of Himachal […]

Book Review: “The Promise of Infrastructure” by Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta & Hannah Appel (eds.)

Please find below an excerpt from my review of The Promise of Infrastructure by Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta & Hannah Appel (eds.) for The AAG Review of Books. To read the full review, please follow this link. The Promise of Infrastructure. Anand, Nikhil; Gupta, Akhil; Appel, Hannah (eds.). Durham: Duke University Press, 2018. viii and 256 pp.; acknowledgements, contributors, […]

Workshop: Urban Climates: Power, Development, and Environment in South Asia; Dartmouth College

I was happy to be a part of the Urban Climates: Power, Development, and Environment in South Asia workshop at Dartmouth College on October 11, 12 2019. Many thanks to Nida Rehman and Aparna Parikh for organizing the same. Please find below a poster of the workshop theme, a poster for a film by Hira Nabi, […]

Workshop: Third Annual International Anthropology of Concrete Workshop 2019, Rice University

It was great interacting with critical scholars working on the relationship between concrete and society from different interdisciplinary perspectives on 2 March, 2019 at Rice University, Houston. A special thanks to Kali Rubaii for organizing the same and for the images. Details below. Ecopolitics of Cement and Concrete Third Annual International Anthropology of Concrete Workshop […]


Below is the abstract and a link to my MA thesis (2018) in Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder titled, “(De)Constructing Concrete: Meaning & Materiality in Postcolonial India.” Many thanks to my thesis advisor: Prof. Mara Goldman and committee members: Prof. Tim Oakes, Prof. Yaffa Truelove, and Prof. Shawhin Roudbari for their constructive […]

Talk: American Association of Geographers Preview- Student Talks

Four Geography graduate students will present a preview of the talks they will give at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) meeting in New Orleans April 10-14, 2018: Sarah Tynen: State Territorialization through Bureaucratic Control: Authoritarian Governance at the Neighborhood Level in China   Aaron Malone: Diaspora Bureaucracy? Formalizing emigrant engagement and the evolution of Mexico’s 3×1 Program […]