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Below is a collection of essays and articles written by social science and humanities scholars about one of the most widely found materials on earth: cement/concrete. This list has been compiled with the assistance of countless colleagues and peers at conferences and workshops over the last few years. I hope it will be useful for […]


Below are sections of my reading list that I compiled for my preliminary/qualifying exams in Human Geography at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am indebted to many professors and colleagues in graduate seminars and conferences who directed me to these excellent sources. This is not meant to be an exhaustive or definitive list. I have selected […]

Talk: Holtz Center for STS Brown Bag, UW-Madison

As a recipient of 2018-2020 Holtz Center Top-Up Fellowship, I will be presenting my upcoming research on cement/concrete construction in India along with other student award winners at the Holtz Center Brown Bag Series. The Graduate Student Award Winners Panel will take place on Thursday, December 5, 12.30-1.30 PM in 8411 Social Sciences. Please find […]

Book Review: “The Promise of Infrastructure” by Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta & Hannah Appel (eds.)

Please find below an excerpt from my review of The Promise of Infrastructure by Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta & Hannah Appel (eds.) for The AAG Review of Books. To read the full review, please follow this link. The Promise of Infrastructure. Anand, Nikhil; Gupta, Akhil; Appel, Hannah (eds.). Durham: Duke University Press, 2018. viii and 256 pp.; acknowledgements, contributors, […]


Below is the abstract and a link to my MA thesis (2018) in Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder titled, “(De)Constructing Concrete: Meaning & Materiality in Postcolonial India.” Many thanks to my thesis advisor: Prof. Mara Goldman and committee members: Prof. Tim Oakes, Prof. Yaffa Truelove, and Prof. Shawhin Roudbari for their constructive […]